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My Opinion: Charles McGonigal will plead guilty to corruption charges: illegally working for Russian oligarch Deripaska. Was it done to avoid the investigation of the October Surprise 2016 and the questioning about it in a public trial? His guilty plea will only fan the interest in this subject further: What were the McGonigal’s and Kallstrom’s roles in the Election 2016 and the October Surprise 2016? Is this a cover-up? 

Should the Independent Counsel be appointed to investigate the October Surprise 2016?

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Did late James Kallstrom of the NY FBI and his protégé Charles McGonigal fix the Election 2016 for Trump for $1.3 ml by orchestrating the Weiner-Abedin laptop – Clinton emails affair? FBI: Do investigate this connection and the lead in fullest.

Did late James Kallstrom of the NY FBI and his protégé Charles McGonigal fix the Election 2016 for Trump for $1.3 ml by orchestrating the Weiner-Abedin laptop – Clinton emails affair? 

FBI: Do investigate this connection and the lead in fullest. 

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