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The “aggravating factors” that could send Donald Trump to prison


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As a dank prison cell looms in the distance of convicted felon Donald Trump’s future, many people are speaking out about how they see Donald Trump’s criminal sentencing turning out. One of these people is Fordham Law professor Adam Shlahet.

Shlahet told Salon in an interview that while he initially did not think Trump would get a prison sentence, he’s since changed his mind and now thinks it’s more likely that he will. “When the person who’s going to be deciding your sentence is the judge, it’s also a real good idea not to antagonize the judge at every opportunity”, the law professor explained.

“Every time he (Trump) gets a microphone, he insults the judge and calls the judge crooked and calls the judge conflicted and shows no respect for the jury’s verdict. And that is not how a defendant who wants probation should be acting.”

Indeed, it’s not. But it IS the way a pathetic, miserly, cowardly, sociopath, and malignant narcissist would act. These people can’t ever help themselves in any way because their egos burns brightly in the place where their souls are supposed to be.

The professor also soberly spoke of the ten violations of the gag order and suggested that those violations may also play a role in sentencing. Shlahet said that many “aggravating factors” in the convicted felon’s case might make Prison more likely.

This sentencing should be very, very interesting. I don’t know if Trump will get prison time, though he might get SOME. Based on what many legal minds are saying, many others think so as well.

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So yes, prison waits in the distance for the convicted felon, like a lurking thief in the night, waiting to snatch away the felon’s dignity, pilfer his privilege, and steal his freedom.

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