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Another blow to Donald Trump


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Right now, even as I write these words, there is some panicking going on in the party that calls themselves Republicans. What’s that panic about? Well — it seems that some VERY big name Republicans are abandoning the traitor, and that fact has some Republicans vexed. They shouldn’t be.

Take Paul Ryan for example. The former House Speaker has stunned the Republicans by announcing that he does not plan to vote for his royal traitor in November. “The Presidency is a job that requites the kind of character Trump doesn’t have.”

“If the race is between Trump and President Joe Biden, I think Biden wins.” Wow. Ryan actually said something that makes sense. Who’d have thunk it? Not that Ryan will vote for Biden. That seems a bridge too far for Ryan. Instead he plans to write in a name. We don’t know who. Mickey Mouse? He’d do a better job than Trump, that’s for sure.

Ryan made these remarks to Yahoo Finance this week. These remarks immediately hit home with many GOP politicians who are reported to be losing their minds over it. As well they should be because Ryan is as deep a Republican as it gets. He’s not only waded into the waters of republicanism; he once anchored the whole sinking ship. His words are influential in the party, and these words he spoke are a big “up your’s” to Donald Trump.

It is not only Ryan, of course. Many in the GOP are still fuming about the endorsement — or lack thereof — of Trump’s former VP. You remember him. The guy who Trump’s insane cult members wanted to see hanged? Well, Pence isn’t endorsing Trump, either.

. . .

The MAJOR Republicans who ARE coming out in support are the walking (human?) creepshows. Greene, Boebert, Vance, Gaetz, and Byron Donalds cannot seem to live down that Jim Crow remark he made. So yes, the election hasn’t even happened yet, and ALREADY Trump is getting rejected. Isn’t it wonderful?

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