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Go home media you’re drunk


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I saw it all. In a way, I wish I had not seen it. But it was a life lesson. And like all life lessons, it had a story to tell. I was but one witness. Let’s begin at the beginning. On Monday evening, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell excoriated many in the media for several things.

One of them was that the media clique, with smug, high-schoolish giggles and flippant disregard for the truth, has not left our president alone. Many of those media bees have been buzzing around, attempting to sting their viewers with dishonest poison—mainly that President Biden could have—wait for it—Parkinson’s Disease!

Oh nooo. Oh yes, This writer saw it for herself. The bees were excitedly buzzing, spewing out their unadulterated bullshit. These nests smelled not of honey but of rotting garbage and fake news.

So O’Donnell, being one of the FEW Honorable journalists left, hit them with the truth. The New York Times, CNN, and others reported that a doctor had visited the White House eight times. This Doctor was reportedly an expert in Parkinson’s disease. At Karine Jean-Pierre’s press conference, the bees circled her. They were out for blood, of the fake news kind.

O’Donnell tore into them for the blatant disrespect they showed her. Then, he informed his audience that a letter had been released from this Doctor saying the visits were not for Biden, were for primarily members of the military.

Yes, I saw it all. I was proud that we had a few pundits who had kept their minds. So yes, Lawrence, with intelligence and skill, tore the whole poisonous nest apart So I waited to view what should have been the happy climax to the the horror film. Instead, to my utter horror, it went on.

I saw it all. I saw, with incredulity, that some of these pundits kept up with the fake narrative EVEN THOUGH it had been proven to be false. Their secret poison sauce was starting the segments with solemn talk about this mysterious Doctor visiting The White House, implying Biden may have Parkinson’s.

They would then keep talking, perhaps even bringing on guests to ruminate about this solemn moment. Then, and I saw MANY do this—at the end, almost as a throwaway, they’d speak (very briefly) about the Doctor’s letter saying he had not been there to see Joe Biden.

I saw it all. To borrow a phrase from the great Jimmy Hendrix — I saw that “The sky was crying” that evening which was in fact only the other day. I could almost hear the tears. I could practically see the purple rains of sorrow pouring down, thick. waterlogged sorrow at what many in the Fourth Estate had done.

. . .

I saw it all, my friends. . I saw utter disregard for the truth, I saw schemes, and tricks, like poker dealers gambling not with money but with the truth. I saw clearly the truth as well, reflected back at me from the rare few, like O’Donnell. I saw SO CLEARLY that we are going to win.

Palmer Report is moving to a reader-supported format with a significantly reduced number of ads. Donate here!

Palmer Report is moving to a reader-supported format with a significantly reduced number of ads. Donate here!

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