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This sounds familiar…


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We’re beginning to see some hints as to Donald Trump’s agenda, and they sound familiar. According to Newsweek, one of the things he intends to cut is school funding. That is possibly one of the worst areas he could cut. American children need every dime they can get to try to compete with other students. Of course, we’re talking about Donald Trump, so there’s a “catch” involved.

Trump has proposed a 20-point Republican National Convention program that includes cuts to federal funding for “any school pushing critical race theory,” “radical gender ideology,” and other “inappropriate racial, sexual, or political content.” Newsweek quoted the RNC on its thoughts: “[Trump’s platform is] a pro-American agenda that stands in stark contrast to the record of weakness, failure, and dishonesty created by [President] Joe Biden.” I have a better name for it: “taking away our freedoms.” That’s what Republicans want. They want us to live the way they think we should live, even though it is doubtful any of them live this way. It’s just another means of controlling the population. Trump’s campaign advisers call it Trump’s “vision to make America Great Again in a way that is concise and digestible for every voter.” Most American voters don’t want this life, yet they want to force it on us. Good luck with that. He also wants to end funding to schools that teach “radical gender ideology” (whatever that is) and stop transgender woman from competing against women born female. Except none of them apparently know that public schools are primarily funded by property taxes.

Trump ultimately wants to shut down the Department of Education (as outlined in Project 2025), and he supports the law proposed in Louisiana mandating that the Ten Commandments be prominently displayed in public schools. Louisiana has slowly been raising its ranking over the past few years, but turning the focus to something that has nothing to do with learning will likely stop it in its tracks. What’s wrong with children learning about their history, those who are different from them, and learning to accept people as they are?

. . .

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” is nothing but another con. Trump isn’t interested in greatness for me and you; he’s only interested in it for himself. He keeps talking about America being “in serious decline.” He also claims to want to lower taxes and bring an end to inflation. Most have no control over inflation, and neither does Trump. He’s already shown us what he thinks about tax cuts-giving them to the wealthiest tier of people and corporations. Trickle down still doesn’t work. Those tax cuts go right into CEO pockets and do not help their workers in any way. Trump doesn’t even know what “critical race theory” means, as it came about in the late 70s and 80s to open a discussion about racism. Instead, Trump and his allies believe teaching of anything related to Black and brown people is “critical race theory.” If white kids can go to school to learn their history, why can’t we?

Palmer Report is moving to a reader-supported format with a significantly reduced number of ads. Donate here!

Palmer Report is moving to a reader-supported format with a significantly reduced number of ads. Donate here!

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