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Blinken: ‘We’re all waiting on Hamas’ after weekend hostage rescue

(NewsNation) — President Joe Biden says the United States will not stop working with Israel until all hostages are home.

His announcement comes after a weekend rescue of four hostages whom Hamas kidnapped during the Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken landed in Israel Monday afternoon, marking his eighth trip to the region in another push for a cease-fire deal.

This is his first visit since Biden outlined a three-phase cease-fire proposal.

Blinken is meeting with Egypt’s president and Israel’s prime minister, urging all leaders in the region to Press Hamas to agree to the cease-fire proposal to pause the fighting in Gaza.

Blinken says Egyptian officials have been in communication with Hamas as recently as Monday morning.

Blinken on Monday spoke with reporters in Egypt before heading to Israel. He said the proposal Biden put forward is very close to what Hamas previously agreed to.

“The only party that has not accepted, the only party that has not said yes is Hamas,” Blinken said. “That is who everyone is waiting on. That is who the Palestinians in Gaza are waiting on. It’s who the Israelis are waiting on. It’s who the hostage families are waiting on.”

Blinken’s message comes after Israel rescued four people whom Hamas was holding hostage.

The U.S. did not participate militarily, but NewsNation confirmed the U.S. did provide intelligence support to Israel for the operation.

The weekend raid left 274 Palestinians dead, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

Some are concerned the result of that raid could impact cease-fire negotiations.

The administration may negotiate directly with Hamas to release the remaining American hostages if the current proposal fails.

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