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Whoo hoo – NYC Parks Now Have Baby Changing Tables in 1,200 Park Restrooms!

Photo: NYC Parks

NYC Parks Now Have Baby Changing Tables in 1,200 Restrooms

Many city parents know that NYC Parks are their kids’ lifeline. Rain or shine, especially in the early stages, the playground is where our little ones want to be. The baby and toddler years are the best, and spending hours at our city parks is #parentlife. So is changing diapers. And who hasn’t been at the slide and swings—trying to handle a diaper change on their baby because a changing table is unavailable?

NYC PARKS has recently introduced a game-changing feature for parents and caregivers: baby changing tables in 1,200 borough restrooms. This significant improvement resulted from a thorough review of public restrooms in 2020, which revealed that only 37% of the parks’ bathrooms were equipped with changing tables. 

Photo: NYC Parks

And our city representatives noticed and took action, “As a father, this issue was deeply personal to me, as I experienced first-hand the struggles of finding a clean and safe space where I could change my son’s diaper while visiting one of our City’s parks. Considering how many young children utilize our parks, it has been far too common to see parents changing their children on park benches because the bathrooms have lacked the proper stations. I knew I needed to take action, so I introduced a bill, Intro 128, that now requires the city to install at least one changing station in all park bathrooms, and within both men’s and women’s bathrooms. I am so happy to be here today celebrating the installation of these changing stations thanks in large part to the commitment of Commissioner Donoghue and the NYC Parks Department to see this project through,” said New York City Council Member Rafael Salamanca, Jr.

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 Baby Changing Tables at NYC ParksPhoto: NYC Parks

 Baby Changing Tables at NYC Parks

Now, parents can enjoy their park visits without the worry of finding a suitable place for a diaper change.A changing table in 90 percent of NYC Parks restrooms are in men’s, women’s, and all-gender facilities. As 600 new changing tables were installed, the latest table is fashioned from a high-density polyethylene core hugged by a brushed stainless steel shell. In other words, they are pretty darn durable. These changing tables boast innate resilience against bacteria, facilitating effortless cleaning thanks to their sleek surfaces, which thwart grime accumulation in nooks and crannies. They support up to 250 lbs. of weight and are built to handle the demands of bustling environments. In other words, these tables should last for high usage demands. 

NYC Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue shared,  “All parents and caregivers know that when your child’s diaper needs changing, having a clean and safe space is the bottom line. We recognize that baby changing stations are a vital amenity for parents looking to keep their little ones happy and healthy, which is why we have made diaper changing stations available in more than 1,200 park restrooms. 

Baby Changing Tables Here in Time for SummerPhoto: NYC Parks

Baby Changing Tables Here in Time for Summer

Last year, Local Law 56  was passed, accelerating the installation of baby changing stations in every NYC Parks restroom. This legislative deadline was met and completed three years ahead of schedule, demonstrating the Parks’ dedication to providing a safe and convenient environment for parents and caregivers. 

Keep in mind that you won’t see a changing table if a bathroom has been vandalized and is beyond repair or if it lacks space. 

Hey, we’ll take the 1,200 restrooms that are fitted with baby changing tables. Just in time for summer, when water sprinklers are on 24/7, lunch and pool days are on the agenda, parent meet-ups, babies squealing, and most importantly, proper baby changing tables will be there when you need them!

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