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Texas floods leave child dead, hundreds in need of rescue

(NewsNation) — Flooding in Texas left a 5-year-old boy dead after he was swept away by the water, and hundreds more people had to be rescued across the state.

The Houston area was hardest hit by the relentless storms over the last week that prompted Gov. Greg Abbott to issue a disaster declaration, but the damage extended across Southeast Texas.

Roads remain blocked off as floodwaters recede but are still pooled on roadways. The banks of the San Jacinto River were some of the most dangerous areas for the flooding. After 93 hours, a flood watch has officially expired, but threats still remain.

In Johnson County, near the Fort Worth area, a 5-year-old boy was swept away by the floodwater and died.

In Southeast Texas, body camera footage shows a water rescue by Houston police, who were able to save a man and three dogs from treacherous currents. According to authorities, the man yelled for help from a mobile home neighborhood. Police responded via jet ski, pulling the man from water that reached as high as 10 feet, along with the dogs.

Similar scenes played out across the state as authorities rescued people and pets. Evacuations were made using airboats, canoes, kayaks, jet skis and more to reach people as homes and cars were submerged after relentless rain and storms.

“I grew up on the river here and I have more memories here than I have anywhere else,” resident Austin Juneau told NewsNation. “I have a 10-month-old little girl and wife, and I want to build a life here, too. This is a major inconvenience, but I think the overall trade-off, the memories we make and the relationships that we build down here on the water, I think they’re worth the inconvenience.”

While the situation is improving, schools across the area remain closed because so many roads are still blocked off. Some people still can’t get back to their homes and if they can, they may be worried bout what they will find and how much they’re going to have to clean up.

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