What Kind of a Person Reads SpyTalk?

I.S. Berry (Richard Berry photo)

CIA case officer, lawyer, now acclaimed first-time novelist—Ilana Berry has done a lot in her handful of decades on this Earth. 

And she’s a longtime SpyTalk fan.

“SpyTalk is my news wellspring for all things espionage,” she says. “Deep, thoughtful, balanced coverage, plus interesting angles and insider perspectives you rarely find in mainstream media.” 

“It’s singular,” she raves on. “There’s literally no other news source I know of that’s so focused on intelligence-related news.”

Wow. Music to our ears.


Last summer Berry’s debut novel, The Peacock and the Sparrow, arrived to enthusiastic notices. Our expert reviewer loved it, writing that  “Berry’s background as a former CIA operations officer and her familiarity with the ground truth there gives the story and her characters genuine believability.” 

But that was just the start. In short order The Peacock and the Sparrow would be named a best book of the year by both The New Yorker and NPR, and nominated for an Edgar Award (the highest honor in the mystery book world, named after that Raven guy) in the category of Best First Novel.

So it hardly needs saying that it’s an honor to have her as a paid subscriber, let alone volunteering to offer this testimonial. 

How about you? Please do consider joining the SpyTalk family of devoted readers, now spanning all 50 states and 183 countries.

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